Absolute Beauty? Absorbing Reflection.


I’m not much of a sky-gazer. So when I stood on the ocean front beach in La Perla last night –- a narrow strand of stone, driftwood and litter mostly – I was amazed by what I experienced. The sea was pretty calm, but the moonlight made the surf luminous. It was my first night on the island, and I had no place to be. But this moment seemed like destiny, or something.

I’ve thought more about the half hour I stood there, my eyes glued to that huge glowing pearl in the sky. I now realize what I actually saw. Absolute beauty. And whether anyone else from La Perla or one of the resort hotels up the same coast saw what I did – felt what I did – I will never know. All I do know is that I felt loved, reassured, hallowed.

I came to the island of Puerto Rico to find beauty, I realize that now. And the beauty I seek most is Maria Fuentes. As the moon proved last night, absolute beauty can be found; maybe you just have to be looking.

–Will Gray

One Comment on “Absolute Beauty? Absorbing Reflection.

  1. Will you are such a Romantic!!! She’s bound to fall in love all over again with you.

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