Some Scary Clarity

I read Maria’s journal back to front last night. Now I’ve no clue –- literally no clue –- why she didn’t show up yesterday. She wrote her last entry the night before last:

Sometimes dreams do really come true. When I met Will, I didn’t know anything about love. When I saw him at Georgetown the first time, he looked like a prince to me. He was handsome and very confident. I was just a poor girl from the island working for a living, but I could tell he liked me. I wanted to catch him for myself, and I was foolish. I gave myself to him, me a virgin — the first night we danced. And then . . . what a painful year it became. Months went by and my life was loco. And then somehow I discovered his blog and I learned what was happening. He had not meant to lose me. Then, slowly, we really fell in love. Tomorrow we marry!


Yesterday, all I could feel was “she stood me up.   She doesn’t love me.” Now my head screams: “Something’s wrong.  Maria’s in danger.”  Of course, I had an awful lot of rum last night. Maybe that’s talking to me?  No, Maria wanted to marry me.  That’s as clear now as the sun coming up over the ocean. Something must have happened.  I’ve got to find her.

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