Meet Will

Meet WillSome readers have asked about my background.

I grew up in Fairfield Connecticut, where I went to a couple of public and private schools and swam competitively.  After graduating from high school in 2008, I went to Hamilton College in Upstate New York.   After my freshman year,  I transferred to Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. the following fall.  ( The year I spent at Georgetown is chronicled in A Just Man Is Hard to Find. )  I’m currently living in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

I realize those facts don’t tell you much, except that I value education, and I don’t settle down in one place very long.  Actually, while I get along with people pretty well at first, I usually end up taking some sort of stand –- and losing any social capital I’ve built up.   Maybe that’s why I’ve changed schools a lot —  I need fresh starts!

I am a lot like Don Quixote.  That poor guy never stopped rushing in to right wrongs, which made him look foolish and misguided, whether he was or wasn’t.  But I don’t mind being the way I am, because at least I encourage others to think.  Of course, I’ve got a lot to learn still — like how to listen to my heart as much as my head — which is why I’m in San Juan right now with Maria.

After all the thinking and talking to people about justice I did last year, I’m taking a break.   I’m learning to fish and to beat a steel drum.  More importantly, I’m learning how to love one woman well.  I’ll keep you posted!


I’m blogging, too –- so you can catch up with me here…



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